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Yatırım Dünyam (Investment World) provides the financial information and data you need with simple and clear content, and allows you to easily convert your trading decisions into transactions. You can benefit from the privileged services of Yatırım Dünyam (Investment World) by entering your Yapı Kredi internet banking password...Even if you don't have an investment account...

In Yatırım Dünyam (Investment World), you are welcomed by "Custom Page" where you will find the content that you will need in accordance with your experiences, interests and investments. When you make a decision to trade, you can perform a single click without directing to another site.

With answers to the simple questions of "Investment Guru", you can learn the most appropriate investment tools for your risk profile, and you can test your investment decisions without taking any risks in the "Virtual Portfolio".

You can trade in all products of stock market and futures market, and mutual funds traded in TEFAS.

Are you ready to explore this world so different? https://www.yatirimdunyam.com.tr

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On-Line Banking

Yapı Kredi Invest lets you place your Borsa Istanbul orders on-line any time any where. Yapı Kredi Internet Banking lets you open an investment account and view market data as well as manage your investment portfolios within the comfort of your home or office. Wether its cash equities or derivative markets, our on-line channels provide a secure and swift connection between you and Borsa Istanbul.

Mobile Banking

Yapı Kredi Mobile lets you;

  • open an investment account
  • manage your investment portfolios
  • online trading and floow up your stock orders at any time, any where.

You can download and install your device’s respective Mobile Banking application by visiting yukle.yapikredi.com.

You can download and install your respective Mobile Banking application for your device by reading the QR code with your device's QR scanner.

Online Analyst

Our executable online trading platform, Online Analyst is your inseparable companion in your investment world. The platform lets you in on the real time market data, relevant news flow, economic indicators, technical analysis and order placement screens, all in customizable manner.
Online Analyst only requires your on-line banking username and password for access, hence all your investment world is integrated for your comfort.

Depth Data Screens

In-depth data screens are used by professional investors to follow and analyse market data and manage investment strategies. Yapı Kredi Invest lets you access to your portfolio, while letting you keep your favorite and accustomed screens in front of you. Matriks, E-Trader, FX Trader and Forex data screens are all integrated with our databases. This feature enables you to view your advanced trading needs like market depths and manage your portfolio simultaneously.


TradeBOX is a fast and easy-to-use electronic trading platform which provides simultaneous and real-time access to a large variety of global futures and equities markets (i.e., stocks, commodities, indicies and currencies).

Investors may trade, invest or hedge in global futures and equities markets along with the assistance of Yapi Kredi Invest’s experienced team of investment advisors.

Channels for TradeBOX;

  • Tradebox Trading Platform
  • http://www.tradebox.com.tr
  • Mobile Devices (Application Name: Borsacepte)
  • Yapı Kredi Invest - Derivatives Desk


Through FXBOX, our customers are provided the opportunity to trade currencies and precious metals. Investors may build their own strategies using a wide variety of technical indicators and instantly trade on the global developments 5/24.

Channels for FXBOX;

  • FXBOX Platform
  • Mobile Devices
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